“i will do it later”…..

As fancy as the word procrastination sounds it can become a very
‘fancy problem well’ when it turns into a habit both to an individual or any
group of people working for the aim of achieving set goals.
Urban dictionary defines procrastination as activity that consists in putting
off important activities regardless of it’s importance due to laziness or

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Writing non-stop!


I read somewhere that the more you write, the better you get at it. this is going to be me henceforth. it amazes me when i read books, blogs or random quotes and i can totally relate to what the writer is talking about. i imagine how they are able to combine words so beautifully, tell stories that are so captivating. i literally want to be in their minds and just be where all of the greatness and wisdom is coming from. it is everything i want to be, long to be and hope to be some day.
i have a lot of stories *personal experiences* to tell and fiction to share. i do have an imaginative mind and easily play out scenarios that are so believable but lack the skill to put it out there.
how do i learn how to write? keep a reader interested, thrilled and in suspense at the same time? urghh! i am not going to blame my science background  for this *LOL* so i have decided to write whatever comes to mind whenever i have the time to, read more and improve on my vocabulary as well. so basically this blog is my “playground” until i get there….
the aim is to keep going till i get better and my better become best!

Sparkle and Flourish non-stop!!!!



Your career documents & you…

We recently advertised job openings to be filled up before the end of first quarter and have been getting an avalanche of mails since then. overwhelming? yes! but the good thing is 1. we were heard  2. A LOT of people want to be associated with us in one way or the other #TeamHMFB

I have been going through CVs submitted to us and i have decided from my assessment not to base my judgment on what i see alone. some are actually ’empty hypes’ while some just sell themselves short of what they have. with the very high demand for jobs and the supply being so low, employers are now going for the best. this means that selection starts right from your CV even before an interview is scheduled. employers are not very intrigued by what you did in the past,they are interested in what you can offer now,your ability to add value to their organization and your potentials.

Employers are basically looking out for candidates whose accomplishments (as stated on their CVs) speak for them amidst the competition, so it is very necessary for you to carefully  put together your strengths/abilities with relevant skills in the documents that you present to your recruiter.

  • Consistency is key: after you successfully sell yourself through your career documents and finally get invited for an interview, consistency is a major key to possibly hearing from them after. you should be able to remain/stay consistent with your answers and whatever you say should tally with what your career documents say. Inconsistency will make your integrity and credibility questionable.
  • Be informed: Everyone should be aware of their environment and happenings around them. at all times! no knowledge is irrelevant. if company A calls you for an interview it is expected that you familiarize yourself with information about the company before the interview date. it might come in handy. brush up on your course of study. yes! you might be interviewed by some bookworm who would take you as far back as First Year GST to Elective courses. your biggest fear should be seeing yourself seated before your interviewer and totally clueless about everything. don’t be that person!
  • Dress appropriately: This can not be over emphasized reason being that most people will address you based on your appearance. look good but do not come off trashy or too flashy. it is not a fashion show. it is also easier to ask whoever is setting up the interview how you are expected to appear.

I do sincerely hope that you have a reservoir of self-confidence to dip in at will. you need it more than anything else. i hope someone finds this post helpful.
I stand to be corrected and open to any comments,observations and recommendations.

What type of co-worker are you?

As long as you work for someone or you are employed by an organization, you have to do things for other people, with other people, whether you want to do those things or not. and the other employees are there to do same thing as you which means that you are constantly in each other’s faces for as long as you all are under the same employment.

However, how you are able to coordinate yourself around others and make the office convenient for them says a lot about your persona. so, what type of co-worker are you?

  • There are those co-workers who steal your ideas and flourish while you stand there looking like the most clueless person ever. worst thing is how they hide under naivety and make you look bad before your bosses and still turn around to pretend to be your friend. Is this you at work?
  • Whistle blower champ!!! You know those co-workers that exaggerate everything and literally blow situations out of proportion? That’s right! They are never patient enough to actually understand or get the right information before announcing to whoever cares to listen to what blunder you have committed. oversights are such a luxury*eyes rolling*. Funny thing is that they NEVER bother announcing that they were wrong or raised false alarm in the first place.  Is this you at work? Please hide your face in shame.
  • Those co-workers that are always sick, down with something or going through ‘trying times’ are the worst. they are always quick to cut you short of expressing yourself. you say you have a headache and they tell you how little your ache is compared to theirs like it’s a competition. I really do not understand how some minds work. i should study Psychology. i do not want to know if this defines a typical you in the office.
  • The office ‘telephone-without-wire’ know everybody’s gist. From who got a query, who they suspect to be dating who, who has marital issues and whatever else they say. they mostly discuss others and forget their deadlines. ugh!!
  • I am not even going to bother myself about the co-workers that are constantly in debt, borrow from Nancy to pay Tim, the ones that resume late and are first to leave. i will also not bother about horrible bosses. yikes! my next post should likely be on that.
  • We have the cool co-workers who are friendly with everyone, mind their business, are highly anti-nonsense but very approachable. this is where i most definitely fall *winks*

So…… is it your presence or absence that brings happiness to the office?

90’s kids and R’n’B


So i found myself listening to Donell Jones’ playlist for the third time since Sunday and i just couldn’t help but wonder what happened to really good and soulful music. i am not saying the music before the 90’s era  didn’t have it but……. i can relate more to it. early 2000 was as good until we got “here”. how we got “here”, i can not say but i wish the biggest hits of today will still move me 5 years from now.

i wonder what happened to people like Nivea? Kelly Price? Keith Sweat? Case? Patti LaBelle? Lauryn Hill? Da Brat? OMG! Tevin Campbell!!!!!! Musiq soul child? India Arie? Brandy? too many to mention. ugh! then we had the ‘bestest’ groups then…… 112, Blue, TLC(rest in peace Left-Eye), Dru Hill (where is Sisqo?), Destiny’s Child, Backstreet boys, Boyz II Men, Black Street, Next, Bone Thugs n Harmony, All-4-One, Ruff Endz, Jagged Edge phew! the names alone bring back beautiful memories and sounds that will last a lifetime and the next.all-4-one_-_and_the_music_speaksmsc-fb-lefteye-tlcfilepicker-h8fpnh3ske57taoyh8nq_destinys_child_hqdefault1



cool throw back yeah? oh and i specially remember & miss the amazing Aliyah. rest well beautiful ……


I am happy that Tyrese, Usher & R.kelly  (my fav) have remained in the game and very relevant too. and my WOW moment came when Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese came together to drop that killer album(Three Kings) and Tyrese with an even better album(Black rose)*this is my opinion*…. more of the likes and i will not be lamenting about 20th century “noise”..





Today, we mark the end of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s government and welcome a new one on board.
Thank you for your service to humanity and best wishes to you and yours.



Congratulations to His Excellency, President Muhammad Buhari and Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as you assume office. May God order your steps as you lead this great nation. #ChangeIsHere



Happy democracy day to every Nigerian and may we practice it in it’s entirety.
God bless Nigeria!